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Motorola PR400

The PR400 two-way radios are the perfect choice for businesses seeking clear, reliable performance at a very economical price. Their rugged, ergonomic design make these radios durable enough to withstand hard conditions and easy to hold and carry, even while wearing gloves. The standard package includes a 90 Minute Charger and the PR400 battery is a Slim Li-ion with 1600mAh to maximize talk time. It?s easy to carry, does not suffer from memory effect. There?s also a FM-certified ?intrinsically safe? NiMH battery available.
  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • Rotary On/OFF and Volume Control
  • Tricolor LED
  • Accessory Connector for convenient access
  • Battery Latch Lock
  • Large Textured PTT
  • Spring Action Belt Clip
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
  • Two Programmable Option Buttons